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Wind Speed Meter App, is a digital anemometer studio for android devices.

This simple easy to use app, will let you estimate wind speed with your mobile phone, record data, and set your stats.

WSM is a must app when practicing wind sports such as Kite Surf, Wind Surf or Sailing.

Features of WSM:

  • Anemometer, for wind speed measurements.
  • Compass.
  • Data Base to store measurements, and export data.
  • Different measurement units, WSM can measure m/s, Kmh, Knots, Mph, Beaufort
  • Detects Max and Average wind speed.
  • Includes Simple Calibrator.

WSM is simple and easy to use. Simply down load WSM here, press start button, and start

 measuring wind.

App inculdes different easy to understand help guides.

Interface has been specifically designed as user friendly UI, for diferent device resolutions. 

How does WSM estimte wind?

WSM uses your deivce mic to detect wind noise. 

Wind noise signal is then processed using audio and signal management technics.

Signal is filtered at special wind noise frequencies to avoid other sound interferences and get an accurate measurement.

The filtered signal is then compared with real anemometer measurements at different wind ranges, processed and converted to a human readable wind measure value.

Demo Wind Speed Meter