Ingo 5 INP010Z Custom CWM v5.5.0.4 & Root

Hi folks,

This guide will let you update your Ingo 5 INP010Z from  Stock CWM to Custom CWM v5.5.0.4 with many new features, such as installing zip’s from sdcard, backup and restore your system from or to sdcard, mount and format partirions, créate sdcard partitions or fix permissions among others. 

Once you update your Ingo 5 INP010Z device to Custom CWM v5.5.0.4, you will be able to root easily as explained in this guide.

Doing this things may damage your device, you will probably also lose the guarantee.

Im not responsible if your device is damage.

Never the less, if you follow and read well this tutorial nothing will happen. 

Damaging your device is quite unprovable, but I have seen a lot of things out there jejejee ;-)))   

If working under Windows:

You will need the drivers for the device.

As the manufacturer has not released the drivers  (or I didnt find them on the web), you may install the  Universal ADB Driver.

I followed this guide that worked like charm.


Linux users do not need the drivers.


For both Windows and Linux users I strongly recomend to install ADB (Android Device Bridge) that will make your life easy.

This is a very simple step.

Follow the instructions in the link below, or any other tutorial in web, there are a lot of tutorials to get this working.

Once Drivers and ADB are installed I recommend to check if your device is recognized by your PC using adb command: adb devices as explained in the link above.


The output you should receive is:

Note If you get that the device is unauthorized, check the screen on your device because it will be waiting for you to accept permisión for the PC to access the device.  

 Installing Custom CWM v5.5.0.4 Recovery:

 To install Custom CWM on your Ingo 5 Device you will need SP Flash Tools, you may download and install from here:

For Windows users:

For Linux Users:

Now download the file: INP010Z Custom CWM and unzip it. 

Once unziped you will find 2 files:

MT6582_Android_scatter.txt à This file is required by SP Flash Tools

INP010Z_Recovery_CWM.img à This is the Custom CWM v5.5.0.4 for INP010Z Device.

Open SP Flash Tools and load MT6582_Android_scatter.txt to the scatter section as in the image below.

Now make sure all options in the list are un check, and just check the RECOVERY option as in the image below.

Load the INP010Z_Recovery_CWM.img file by clicking on RECOVERY.

Once everything is loaded:

Make sure the device has USB Debbuging option activated.

You may do this by going to the device Settings à Developer Options à USB Debbuging.

For Spanish User:

Ir a Ajustes à Opciones de Desarrollo à Depuración USB.

Make sure also the device is connected to the PC as a MTP device.   

Now, unplug the device for your PC, completely switch off the device, extract the battery and connect the device back to your PC.

Your device should be recognized by your PC.

Now go back to SP Flash Tools and click on the Download button as shown below:

Once the process is finished you will see:

Unplug the device from the PC, put the battery back and press:

Volume up + power for some seconds to get into recovery mode.

Your new Custom CWM v5.5.0.4 should be installed.

Rooting Ingo 5 INP010Z:

Ok, the most dificult part is done, now we will proceed to root the device.

To root the device we will use Chainfire’s SuperSU.

 Download from here:

 Put this file on your device sdcard.

Boot your device again into CWM.

The steps as before:

Switch device off device à Pres Volume up + power button for a few seconds to enter CWM.

Once in CWM select option: install zip from sdcard (move up and down the menú with Vol Up and Down, and select the option pressing power button)

Next Select choose zip form sdcard or choose zip from internal sdcard depending were you copied

Finally select and install.

Reboot, and you are done with this mate.


 * To make the CWM for INP010Z I extracted all partition images from the device, if any one wants the original non modified stock images, please let me know.

Original Stock CWM, bootimage, system etc…

 ** For ROM developers, if you need the system or any other image for cooking please let me know.